Booking FAQ

Q1. I have made a booking request, what is next?

 A1: Your request will be process within 12 hours, and payment will be due within 24 hours after booking has been confirmed.

Q2. I have made a booking request, but the system has cancelled, can i visit your Jetty still?

  A2: The system will cancel the booking if payment is overdue after 24 hours upon booking confirmation. Any walk in without reservation for Sky Mirror Tour will not be accepted.

Q3: Why the ticket prices are relatively expensive compare to unlicensed boat operator?

  A3: Due to the high demand, it will be difficult to purchase ticket as in a walk in customer. This website provides a platform for our customer to secure their tickets prior to walk in. Surcharge are contributed by online admin fees, Bookeo booking fees, and Paypal transaction fees.

Q4: Can you offer a cheaper tour fare by excluding the insurance fee?

 A4: We have to insure every passenger in order to fully comply with the terms of the issued license. In addition, there are countless factors that might affect the boat journey, most importantly, the weather on the sea is far less predictable, hence, insurance is a must.  

Q5: Is there anyway I can get a cheaper price for the tickets?

  A5: You can book the tickets 3 months in advance and enjoy 10% discount upon booking confirmation; or in a less secure way, do direct bank transfer to the company bank account.

Q6: There is no time stated on the reservation system? What time should I get there?

  A6: The duration of time for the visit to Sky Mirror varies everyday, every month, very much depends on the weather and the tide, and the best reference for availability is the Lunar calendar. Our staffs will contact you by phone or email to double confirm the travel itinerary.

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 We provide the executive Sky Mirror Tour here at Jetty Sky Mirror, on top of this, we also host eagle feeding and firefly boat tour. 

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10% discount upon booking confirmation now applies to tickets booked 90 days in advance.

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 We have now moved to the new pier at Jetty Sky Mirror Kuala Selangor, located at the hillfoot of Melawati Hill. We also hosting eagle feeding tour and firefly boat tour in the evening. 


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