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Official Sky Mirror Malaysia Partnership

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The operator has working partnership with Selangor Tourism Board and Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia 

Official Sky Mirror Kuala Selangor Partnership

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 The operator own 

1. Federal Ministry of Tourism and Culture tourism license: KPK/LN 8437

2. Marinetime Bureau tourism boat license: BPK942P, BPK945P ,BPK947P, BPK948P, BPK952P, BPK971P, BPK982P, BPK983P, BPK1006P, BPK1024P,BPK1065P, BPK1057P, BPK1084P, BPK1085P, BPK1091P, BPK1092P.

3. District Council (MDKS) business license for the relevant industry 

Operating company of Sky Mirror Jetty Kuala Selangor


The operator is the only licensed operating company along the coast of Selangor State that provides Boat trip to Sky Mirror Kuala Selangor 

Departure Jetty

Jetty Sky Mirror Kuala Selangor

Download mobile app WAZE and key in JETTY SKY MIRROR KUALA SELANGOR for accurate GPS navigation

Sky Mirror Tour and Travel Sdn Bhd

Jetty Sky Mirror Kuala Selangor

WhatsApp: +6011-14303638 (Yan)


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